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Now a Monthly SIP for Sovereign Gold Bond, is as easy as ABC.

Step by Step guide on how to set up a Monthly SIP at milliGOLD and enable automatic investment in to RBI SGB on every issue or every year.

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How to setup the Monthly SIP?


Create Subscription Plan

Login to and go to Save menu. Choose a Subscription Plan by selecting the Amount, Duration and Date of Debit.

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Select Ratio of SGB : MCX

Choose the % of your monthly SIP amount that should be invested in RBI SGB and the balance amount will be invested in MCX Gold. For example if your monthly SIP amount is Rs 10,000 and the SGB % is 40%, then Rs 4000 will be for RBI SGB and Rs 6000 will be for MCX Gold. Also choose whether the auto investment in SGB should happen every issue or every year.

Authorise e-Mandate


Once you have created a plan, you will be automatically redirected to your bank website (through Cashfree Payment Gateway and NPCI Website) to authorise the e-Mandate. In case for any reason you could not complete the process, you will find the "retry" link in the "Manage" Tab of Subscription Section.



We  facilitate RBI SGB Investments through our Partner RSR Innovations who is a registerd AP under ICICI Direct

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How does this work?


Your e-Mandate payments are automatically processed and received by milliGOLD, through NPCI and Cash Free. 


Based on the ratio of SGB to MCX set by you, a part of the monthly SIP amount will be converted to MCX Gold and credited to your milliGOLD account. The MCX Gold is bought and stored at the MCX Exchange for 1% Commission. The balance amount, less 0.5% milliGOLD commission, will be accumulated in your account at ICICI DIRECT.

SGB Investment

SGB Issues by RBI are open for 3-4 days, 3-4 times a year. The accumulated amount in your SGB account, will be auto-invested in the SGB issue - either during every issue or once a year. You will receive a SMS confirmation from ICICI Direct and you have to reply with OTP, to reconfirm your consent.

Whole Grams only

RBI SGB accepts investment in whole grams only. So the quantity of Grams invested will be automatically calculated based on the accumulated amount available in your SGB account. Excess amounts if any will remain there with ICICI Direct and future monthly SIP additions will be added to the same, till the next SGB Investment.

ICICI Direct Account

If you don't have a ICICI Direct account, our partner will send you the link and instructions to open one, through 100% digital mode.

App Settings

Login to, click on top right icon in home page and set up your ICICI Direct Account details.

If you don't set this up within 3 months, the amount ear marked for SGB will be converted in to MCX Gold.

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