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My first wedding anniversary

Updated: May 13

Krishna Prasaad R (Case Study)

I started a monthly SIP of Rs 1000 with milliGOLD in 2020, subsequently increased it to Rs 2000 PM. I invested a total sum of Rs 72,850 till Mar 31 2024 (Rs 70,000 by subscription and Rs 2,850 through UPI.

As of April 1st, I had accumulated 13.15 Grams of 999 Gold, bought and stored at the MCX Exchange. This was worth Rs 94,377 (As per MCX Gold Guinea Closing Price on 9th Apr 2024). The IRR was 16.2%.


When compared to Bank RD (6%), PF (8.25%), Stock Market Index funds (10-12%) and Risky Growth funds and Equity Portfolios , I feel the 16% IRR on Gold that I achieved, was simple, straightforward and stress free.

What is more interesting about my story is not the ROI, but the ending that is more valuable and priceless. I decided to use my milliGOLD balance, to gift Gold Jewellery to my wife on my first Wedding Anniversary this year. With milliGOLD, I had the freedom to buy jewellery in any shop of my choice. And in spite of the withdrawal, my monthly SIP continues to accumulate gold in to the same account.

So if you are young and earning, please immediately start a monthly SIP at milliGOLD. (Rs 1000 PM to Rs 40,000 PM). Gold protects your savings from Inflation and Financial Market risks. Bought and stored at the MCX Exchange for 1% commission, you can withdraw fully or partially anytime, through any one of the 6 redemption options.

Krishna Prasaad R

*Caution : Gold Prices appreciate well over the long term (3+ Years) but are very volatile and unpredictable in the short term. So never use Gold for short term investments or for speculative trading.




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