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அம்பாளுக்கு காசு மாலை - How I bought a necklace for my God?

Sripriya Srinivasa Rao

I am a housewife. Whatever surplus I was able to save from my household budget, I started saving it as milligrams of Gold in my milliGOLD account. (It was very easy to open an account on my mobile, with just my email ID and Mobile No).

From Jan 2022 to April 2024, I saved an average of about Rs 1089 PM.

While I was aware of the eMandate feature (fixed amount every month), I preferred the UPI payment option as it allowed me to save different amounts every month, sometimes more, sometimes less, and some months, where I had unexpected expenses, it will be zero.

I had accumulated 5387 milligrams of 999 Gold. (Bought and stored at MCX Exchange by millIGOLD for 1% commission). As on May 10, it was worth Rs 38,891 (@MCX Exchange price of 7220 per gram). 

When I downloaded my transaction history and calculated the IRR using the Excel IRR Formula, I got an IRR of 16.7%. (For comparison most Banks give 6% on RD)

May 10th was Akshaya Trithi and I decided to use my Gold Balance to buy a Kasu Malai (Necklace) for my God Ambaal. I had informed the milliGOLD customer support team one day in advance, they coordinated with me, to ensure that the redemption and settlement process was completed to buy it on Akshaya Trithi day, in a Jewellery shop of my choice.

It was a miracle, when I found a Light weight, Kerala Style, Kasu Malai Necklace (916 Purity, 4.3 grams) for Rs 35,000. As if Ambal was selecting it for herself.

I bought it home and felt proud and happy. 

As they say: Siru Thuli – Peru Vellam : Little Drops Make an Ocean. 

Sripriya Srinivasa Rao

*Caution : Gold Prices appreciate well over the long term (3+ Years) but are very volatile and unpredictable in the short term. So never use Gold for short term investments or for speculative trading.


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