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Creating Emotional Engagement with Employees, Partners and Consumers.

We offer rewards, recognition, retention and loyalty programs built around milligrams of Gold. Customized to suit the requirements of each corporate, we manage the end to end implementation. 

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Employee and Partner Engagement Programs.



Contributing Gold every month to your people over and above their CTC, can take their emotional engagement to a whole new level, including of course their immediate family. Lock their redemption rights for 2 to 3 years, and it becomes a beautiful retention tool. If the individual leaves in between, the gold reverts back to the company. Minimum plan: Rs 250 PM per Employee. Scheme period : 1 to 5 years. 

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Rewards & Recognition

100 milligrams of Gold has more emotional value to an Indian middle class family, than a 500 rupee voucher.  Use milliGOLD for Incentives, Awards, Birthdays, Marriages, Baby Showers, Festivals and Special Occasions. Our gift packs can be customized for any value, starting from Rs 101.

Consumer Engagement Programs.

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Loyalty points and cash discounts are transactional. They do not generate any emotional connect. Whereas small drops of Gold, can lead to life-long relationships. We support gold based loyalty programs down to 1 micro gram. (Approx half paisa).

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Diverse Customers

IT, SaaS, BPO, Textile, Design, Health Care, e-commerce..

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How does this work?


We accept bulk payments from Corporates on Pre-paid or Post-paid basis. You can transfer through IMPS, NEFT, RTGS or UPI.

Batch Process

Most Employee Programs operate on Batch Process. HR will send us an email with excel attachment, listing the recipient names and mobile nos. We take care of the rest.

API Integration

Ideal for partner programs (integrated with your partner app) and consumer loyalty programs (integrated with your billing POS). milliGOLD can be credited to anyone with a validated mobile no.

Security and Pricing

All payments are converted to 999 Physical Gold with GST Bill, on the same day. The Gold is stored at the MCX Exchange Controlled Warehouse in Ahmedabad. Check out our Open and Transparent Pricing methodology here.

Redeem Now

Individual Savings

Individuals can add their own savings to the same milliGOLD account. We accept monthly / weekly / daily recurring payments from individuals through e-Mandate or ad-hoc payments through UPI.


The Gold balance in a milliGOLD account does not have an expiry date. It can be accumulated & held for years or redeemed anytime. Redemption can be done in the form of Coins/Bars/Jewellery/RBI Bond. Customers can also sell their gold grams at market price & get rupee settlement in their bank account within 2 working days.

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Chennai - 600 091.




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